Studio AMV

Studio AMV is an architecture firm established in January 2017
by three partners: Anna Philippou, Marie Prosperi and Victoire Guerlay.
Three women, all of them in their thirties, who share the same ambition:
tailoring their vision to a client and a context in order to create
projects that feel just right.

After graduating from different renowned architecture schools,
the three women began their professional journeys: Marie started working
at Ateliers Jean Nouvel in 2008, and was joined by Anna and Victoire
in 2012. It was there, in this temple of precision, that the three of them
earned their stripes designing projects and participating in international
contests. There that each of them developed her own skills.

First steps

Soon, Studio AMV was hired to undertake several remodelling projects
for private flats. Interesting projects that helped shape their creative
identity and lay the foundations for their collaborative work. But the three
partners also aspired to work on retail architecture projects.

A Promising start

The three architects share a common belief: “architecture
is not fashion”. Putting that belief to the test, it was in fashion that their
career led them next when they met Olivier Rousteing.
Balmain’s Creative Director commissioned the Studio to design his private
residence. He then asked them to design his office, this time
at the couture brand’s new headquarters. That was just the kind
of challenge that the three partners had been striving for.
Precious metals, a subtle melange of modern style and vintage elements:
Studio AMV turned a mundane space into a place that has character
and soul, “as if Olivier had always worked there”.

Re-enchanting history

Balmain is looking to develop its retail business.
Noticed for their design for Olivier Rousteing’s office,
Studio AMV was given another project with two goals:

– Defining a new retail concept for Balmain Paris boutiques,
which will accurately translate and exalt the values
of the Paris-based luxury brand.

– Orchestrating the brand’s merchandising strategy,
to be implemented in the new boutiques.

A future to build

The three partners share the same vision of the trade,
and of the direction they want to take the Studio. “At AMV, every project
is examined collectively from the very beginning,” they explained. “Each of us
brings her own perspective, her own expertise to the table. If we can
sometimes argue about content, we are always in agreement about form.
We always walk in the same direction, always driven by the same desires.”

As for the future?
Heartened by these experiences, the three partners see themselves
continuing their career in retail architecture, hotel & restaurant project
developments and scenography if the right opportunity presents itself.
These ambitions reveal a common wish: to tell stories, to bring
concepts to life, and to find just the right space solution, as practical
and authentic as possible, to meet their client’s needs.