Studio AMV is an architectural agency which has been founded in January 2017 by a trio: Anna Philippou, Marie-Charlotte Prosperi Fouchard and Victoire Guerlay. Three women who share the same ambition: how to adapt to a client and to a context.

After their courses through different schools of architecture, Marie joins, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, in 2008. She will be followed by Anna and Victoire in 2012. It is in this other school, the school of rigor, that all three shall acquire their weapons. They participate in international competitions, they develop and supervise projects.

These three facets of the same profession mold the evident complementarity which shall unite them. Together, they shall establish the Studio AMV in 2017.

First steps
Very promptly, Studio AMV implements several renovations of private apartments. These projects of interest shall mold their creative identity and shall lay the foundations of a collaborative work. The associates always aspired to work in commercial architecture.

Promising start
Like a wink, this universe, personified by Olivier Rousteing, becomes their destiny. The director of the Balmain house entrusts them with the layout of his private house, followed by his office within the new premises of the Fashion house. The challenge is up to the defiance that the three associates like to lift up.

Re-enchant the story
Noticed for its project of Olivier Rousteing’s office, Studio AMV is entrusted a new venture in two axes:

* to define a new concept for retail boutiques Balmain Paris, which shall express and valorize the code of a luxury Parisian house

* to orchestrate the merchandising strategy of the brand, extended in its new environments

A future to build
The three associates share an identical vision of their trade and the orientation that they wish to impose to their studio. « An AMV project is conceived together right from the beginning », they confide. « Each one injects her opinion, her valuation. If there is room for discussions at the foundation, the form is not to be debated. The three of us move forward in the same direction with equivalent desires. »

What about the future? Nourished by the experiences, the three associates force the pursuit of their activity in commercial architecture, developing hotel, restaurants and why not the scenography? These cravings interpret one wish: to narrate stories, to give life to concepts, to translate the needs concretely and with more authenticity of justice in space and needs.