Noticed by Olivier Rousteing, the Creative Director of the BALMAIN house, the young studio AMV presents the new retail concept of Paris Balmain boutiques.

The promising start of an architecture studio.

Founded in January 2017, the studio AMV gathers Anna Philippou, Marie-Charlotte Prosperi Fouchard and Victoire Guerlay. All three formed in the best french architecture schools, it is at the Atelier Jean Nouvel that they learnt the sense of rigor and built their vision of architecture.

They decided to create their own agency in 2017, after having exercised herselves on each different phases of large scale architecture project.

Quickly after establishing a relationship of trust with the talented Olivier Rousteing, the studio was designated as in charge of the interior architecture of his private apartments and interior layout of his office.

Convinced by the quality of their work and with the blessing of the creative director, Massimo Piombini – Balmain’s CEO – offered to the studio AMV the opportunity to define the new retail concept of the brand!

A clear Parisian identity for a Parisian house of fashion.

The specifications established two main axes of development : value the identity codes of a Parisian luxury house of fashion and orchestrate the new merchandising strategy.

The new retail concept brings out the identity and inheritance of the Paris Balmain House, based on a division of the space into a series of connected, distinct rooms, each inspired by the look of a living parisian space : library, garden, boudoir…

Just like in an apartment, the visitor will walk, in the boutique, from one room to the other, each associated with on key Balmain signature.

Designed by the Studio AMV, the parquet, moldings, chandeliers, curtains and mirrors, all make clear references to classic elements of Parisian architecture.

It is in Milano, fashion hotspot, that the new concept will be presented for the first time.

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